First Date

Last night we had one of our first dates in a while.

While the pandemic has provided lots of “together” time, we needed “date” time.

In college we had several friends who modeled dating for us. And when we chose to get married, these same friends reminded us of the importance of continuing to date within our marriage.

It’s important because you get those first date jitters.

You fumble for conversation topics. Things get awkward.

But it all matters.

So last night we walked into the restaurant and were seated at a table with nothing on it but a QR code saying, “Scan for digital menu.”

We immediately began giggling and making jokes about our inability to do this since we don’t have smart phones.

Then we imagined scenarios where we try to guess the menu.

“Yes, I’ll have the chef’s special, number 7, well done.”

It was a great ice breaker.

So we finally tracked down a menu, ordered an appetizer, and began the usual warm-up conversation.

“This is so fun!”

“I know. I am so glad we are doing this.”

“Me too!”

Pause. Pause. Pause.

This is the important part.

This is the moment where each of us need to trust each other, let our guard down, and open up the conversation.

It’s okay to have weird moments.

Like the moment when I commented on the canvas lighting and we strangely stared at the ceiling.

Or the 10 minute wait to get a knife for Kevin’s jumbo chicken bites, while I almost finished my whole meal.

These are the first date moments.

I don’t know about you, but I love the butterflies that come with these moments. Because anytime I can feel that nervous excitement I felt 10+ years ago, it makes me smile.

These are the little things we will laugh about later. These moments remind us that we can still learn about each other, grow, and have fun.

So even though I love the comfort that comes with our established relationship, I am thankful we got a first date.


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  1. Grateful for your writing! My favorite part of the week was when you wrote soi four on the calendar and I corrected to soi4 and you died laughing because you set me up. You help me not take myself too seriously which I need, thank you!


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