Every Damn Day

I have a favorite tank top I received from a race, and on the front all it says is, “Every Damn Day.”

I can appreciate that this shirt may offend some.

But it represents an important concept to me. Sometimes we think there is a perfect time or day to do something.

For me, I used to think this with budgeting. I would avoid discussing it or wait for that “perfect” moment.

When that moment never came I had to ask the question, when should I budget??? Answer: Every Damn Day.

That is why I started my daily tracking back in January. I realized that daily accountability is best for us.

I realized how each day led to the next. If I had “spending momentum” one day, I needed to make the next day lighter or a zero dollar day.

I started to see spending patterns, good and bad.

So while tracking daily expenditures sounds monotonous, it has immensely helped our budget, our budget discussions, and our stress.

I just finished my 9th month of daily tracking.

I spread out all the sheets on the floor today and felt a sense of calm and pride.

These sheets represent everything we have spent in 2020.

They show a spike in March and April as COVID began to shut our world down, and a decline in June as we settled into our “at home” model.

But the sheets also show me the future. They show when we like to travel, do activities, etc. Now I can plan better for next year.

Just because 2020 wrecked a lot of our plans does not mean we shouldn’t plan.

2020 is not an excuse to throw our budget down the drain.

It might actually be a reason to get better.

So my goal going forward with the daily tracking is getting better each month.

Learn from each day and move forward.



  1. Great post!! My current ‘every damn day’ to-do is fitness. Im so tired of the covid 10 pounds i put on. Im working out every damn day to get them gone! Thanks for the encouragement! Anita Watkins


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