I Didn’t Know You were so Brave

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

Recently we went to California to spend a little time at the beach. We were all feeling exhausted and hot, so the cool ocean breezes were a nice change of pace.

My son loves jumping through the waves in the ocean and seeing how far out he can go. His face lights up as each wave crashes over him. I see his adrenaline surge as he waits for the next big wave.

During one trip out to the waves, I joined him. I kept going with him, step for step. He kept looking over at me with a surprised smile. Then, as the waves really grew, he hesitated. I kept going.

He was stunned and said, “Mom, I didn’t know you were so brave.”

I just smiled and kept walking towards the bigger waves.

Motherhood requires a certain level of bravery. Marriage requires bravery. 2020 requires bravery.

This year has been full of waves. Just as we jump through one and celebrate we get slammed by another.

I am learning, like my son, that I am brave. Braver than I thought.

I believe one of my jobs as their mom is to keep going. When it is all too much and too scary for my kids, I can keep walking towards the waves.

But as I do that I have discovered something beautiful. When I turn around and look, my kids are right behind me.

And I think, “I didn’t know you were so brave.”



  1. Brittany you are a wonderful writer. I look forward to your posts. This was one was amazing, thank you.Please consider guest posting it on other blogs so that more people will be exposed to the message

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