What Does it Do?


If you have ever watched kids unwrap toys or browse the toy aisles, you have probably heard them ask, “What does it do?”

Typically they are holding a figurine or some other type of simple toy. They are looking for a big button that screams TRY ME or an on/off switch.

They are expecting the toy to do the playing for them.

Turns out adults aren’t much different.

As I browsed some websites the other day, I found myself looking at utility carts. The kind you can wheel around to hold kitchen supplies or art supplies. I envisioned it magically organizing toys, art supplies, and maybe even clothes.

Thankfully, last year’s shopping ban helped me ask more questions and pause.

But the question I found myself asking as I added it to my cart was new.

Instead of asking my usual “do I need it” I found myself asking, “What does it do?”

Answer: hold stuff.

That is it. It holds stuff.

I was disappointed by the obvious answer and thought: I was about to spend $40 on something to hold stuff??!?

I removed it from my cart and bought nothing.

I reflected on why I originally wanted to buy it. I thought it could do something for me.

I thought it could organize the toys or the art supplies. I thought it could make the room better. I thought I could avoid the work of going through the stuff and just put the stuff on a nicer shelf.

But the cart wouldn’t do the work for me, and its purpose wasn’t worth the money.

Every item in our homes doesn’t need to do something amazing to stay. But before we add new things that cost money, we better make sure they add value in some way.



  1. I love these carts but have no use for them and it drives me crazy. I bought 2 for my daughters house. I bought the second one because I forgot that I bought the first one. She told me not to buy her any more. I still love them and am frustrated that I have no use for one 🤣


    • 😁 Linda I have felt that way with items before too…I want to love them and use them because they are cute or look nice, but I cannot find a good use!! Thanks for reading!


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