What We Thought We Wanted

Sometimes we get what we think we want.

In the past I have complained of wanting more down time with nothing to do. More time to veg-out at home.

Many of us have these internal wishes at times.

Now we essentially got that wish granted, and all we want to do is the opposite.

We want to walk, bike, picnic, be outside in ANY way!

Maybe we actually wanted small doses of everything, moderation. We just didn’t want our options taken away.

This situation, to me, is very analogous to a running injury.

When you are training for a race and wake up sore, you might wish for a day off.

Then you get an injury and you are forced to stop.

Every thought shifts from “I want a day off” to “when can I run again?”

It feels like we are in the middle of a running injury. All we can think about is returning to the pavement.

But one important part of an injury is being present in the recovery.

This moment is our recovery. We cannot wish it away. We have to stretch and heal.

And that day will come when we return to the pavement.

We will feel so light on our feet, and our legs will sing our praises.

We will never again wish for a break from running, from life, because having it taken by injury revealed its necessity.



  1. Ahh, I am feeling exactly like you. My husband & I are deemed “essential” in our jobs (healthcare) so we are still working, but we feel jealous that others are not right now. I’m sure if we weren’t working, then we would be complaining about not having an income.

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  2. I love this! Comparing it to a running injury is exactly how it feels! Just needed a days rest, not two months! I Love your writing!


  3. What an opportunity to become comfortable with being alone! Society’s treadmill never stops with the demands. I find this a great opportunity to rediscover how I want my life to be and make a plan for that achievement. I am weary of our society bombarding me, thru advertising, as to how my life hours should be spent and what I “need” to find happiness and fulfillment. Thanks for your help in achieving this refinement in my life!

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