Impressing the Right People

The heart earrings ❤️

One pair of earrings I own is a set of silver heart shaped studs.

They are not fancy and were purchased at Walmart.

But when I wore them for the first time on date night, I felt so loved and beautiful. Then I felt remorse.

You see, I have had these earrings for about 4 years. Four years ago my husband and son went to Walmart together. My son picked out a pink heart necklace and the earrings for me.

He insisted I wear the necklace everywhere. I didn’t always want to wear it but he would ask, “Where is your necklace?”

He was so proud of his thoughtful purchase.

He picked it. And each time I wore it I showed him my gratitude.

I never wore the earrings because at the time I had a baby who would grab at my ears.

Then I slowly stopped wearing the necklace and my son didn’t seem to notice. At the time I was relieved by this.

No more pressure to wear it!!

But now it saddens me a bit that he doesn’t remember the necklace.

I realize now that I was trying to impress the wrong people. I was worried how my pink heart necklace looked to strangers, when I should have realized how lovely it looked to my little boy.

So while getting ready for date night, I saw the unworn heart earrings.

I remembered his face when he told me how the earrings and necklace were both “hawts.” (That’s how he pronounced it).

I remembered the love and joy.

I put them on and felt beautiful and loved.

And I reminded myself that I want to impress the right people. The ones who love me.



  1. THANK YOU BRITTANY, i spend way too much time worrying about what other people, irrelevant people think. why? why do we seek approval from strangers. the people that genuinely care about us are patiently waiting.

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