A Second Try at Social Media

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Last year around this time, I tried Instagram for the first time.

It did not go well for me. After two weeks I was completely exhausted, anxious, and over it. So I deleted my account.

It was a great decision for me at the time, and I am glad I did it.

After some reflection, I realized some reasons Instagram failed for me the first time around.

Reason 1: I had a smart phone

I could check Instagram at anytime, take photos for Instagram anytime…it was essentially with me at all times. I felt constantly distracted and felt like I had to document our days with photos. This created a lot of distraction and anxiety for me.

Now I do not have a smart phone, so I do not have access to Instagram during the day. Also, my flip phone hardly has a camera, so I am not tempted to take unnecessary photos.

Reason 2: I thought I had to follow everyone

Another reason Instagram didn’t work for me was I thought I had to follow everyone I ever knew. And I also thought I had to follow everyone who followed me.

My daily feed on Instagram was a hot mess of stuff I didn’t really care to look at. It felt like a train I could not stop.

This time around I am trying to follow things I care about (simplicity, minimalism, health) and people I care about (family and friends).

Reason 3: It interfered with my writing

The first time I was on Instagram I found myself neglecting my writing on this blog.

Instead of taking time to write and create longer posts on here, I would focus on little quips I could put on Instagram.

This time around my writing comes first.

I am a big believer in reflection.

Reflection forces us to weigh the pros and cons of our decisions. Reflection also allows us to rethink decisions when our circumstances change.

So I am officially giving Instagram another chance (@less_less_more). I am also not afraid to delete it again if it doesn’t add value.

But I believe subtracting the smartphone, following more intentionally, and focusing on the blog first will make this Instagram experience better.

Only time will tell!


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