The Happiness Threshold

a cup of cappuccino on wooden table
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“They weren’t happy because their needs were met. They were happy because their needs were few.”

I have always loved this saying.

It speaks to me because we tend to think happiness comes once all our needs/wants are met.

But maybe happiness and joy come when we lower our threshold for what we need.

As Kevin and I continue reducing our stuff and commitments, we reach joy and happiness easier. It takes less to bring us joy.

A simple hot cup of coffee together.

A prayer said by my daughter.

A meal with old friends.

A well-timed movie quote.

When our threshold for happiness is too high, we never get there. And then we find ourselves consuming more and doing more to try to reach it.

So for us, simplifying isn’t just about having less stuff.

We simplify to lower our happiness threshold and reduce our roadblocks to joy.

“They were happy because their needs were few.”


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