Reflections on One Year Older

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Arizona in fall feels like waking up from a hot nightmare.

We can feel a cooler breeze. People are happy again and the parks are filled with parents and children.

I suddenly remember why I love it here, when one short month ago I was dreaming of anywhere else.

I love fall!

Fall also happens to bring my birthday.

Birthdays are great reflection times. One thing I have decided is that I love my 30’s WAY more than my 20’s.

I know myself better. I have experienced enough of life to learn from my mistakes. I have more confidence. I know what I want (simplicity and health) and what I don’t (busy and stressed).

My 20’s felt like a hot mess, honestly. I didn’t have any horrible habits, but I didn’t have any good habits either. I just wandered through each day without much direction.

From 20-25 I was in school and getting married. Then from 26-30 I was taking care of babies and toddlers, so that phase was a blur of sleepless nights and diapers.

Thirty came and it felt like stepping into a new world. A world filled with sleep, healthy food, exercise, and adult conversations. A world of reading books at the playground instead of chasing hazardous children. A world of writing and blogging and finding my voice.

So as I approach 33, I feel excited to continue this new journey and chapter.

My kids are growing up and so am I.

They get to see me develop and nurture passions, and I get to help them discover theirs.

My marriage gets to evolve and grow.

This decade will have its own road bumps, no doubt. But with my feet planted firmer, I think I can bring a better version of myself to those road bumps.

Instead of longing to be younger, I am grateful to be right where I am.


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  1. I was never more happy than when my 2 were preschool! We learned by playing and exploring at home. When each child turned 7, I reluctantly sent them off to brick and mortar school. My life was simply joy for my late 20’s/early 30’s. Don’t blink!! You’ll be a much loved Grandma all to soon! Blessings on your 30’s 😊


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