Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Photo by Leio McLaren (@leiomclaren) on Unsplash

Imagine doing more of the things that make you uncomfortable.

Those things that twist and bend you in ways you do not like. Those things that bring all your baggage to the surface. Those situations where wrong things can be said. Those situations where you might feel emotional or physical pain.

I have felt this discomfort in a range of situations. From a morning run to a phone call with someone new. I felt it when I told people we were homeschooling. I felt it when I went to my first play date in Arizona where I knew no one. I felt it when my parents remarried.

Whatever brings you that drop in your stomach. Those situations that require a mental pep talk.

Now imagine seeking that discomfort.

It sounds strange, I know.

But if you reflect on the times you have felt that healthy discomfort, you typically experience growth afterwards. You typically have to lean on others, which builds your relationships. You typically get mentally tougher. Your confidence grows.

These uncomfortable situations do not get easier, but you begin to recognize that the benefits outweigh the momentary discomfort.

So you seek the uncomfortable.

You realize the soreness you feel in mile one is worth the high you feel after the run.

You realize making the phone call makes you stronger.

You realize homeschooling will stretch you and challenge your view of learning.

You realize other people are “new” at the play date.

Or whatever the situation is for you….you see the benefit.

I used to delay the uncomfortable, as if a perfect moment would come later that was easier.

I learned that perfect moment does not exist.

And as my kids grow and I tell them to “face their fears” and “have courage,” I must do the same.

I have to get comfortable being uncomfortable.



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