Nothing to Prove

As I continue to listen to my self-talk, I still hear statements like “they will think I am lazy.”

I am learning to pause in these moments and say, “I have nothing to prove.”

My value and worth are not wrapped up in my productivity.

There are times to wake up early and workout, and there are times to sleep in a little and drink coffee. Both make me better in different ways.

I am retraining my over-achiever brain to relax. But it is not easy.

I confessed to Kevin several months ago that one of my biggest fears was appearing lazy to him.

He laughed. “I have known you since middle school and never once thought you were lazy.”

I felt a sense of relief. Then I felt a bit silly about this fear.

This fear creates our busy world, obsessed with productivity and achievement. It is easy to choose this path.

Slowing down, doing less, and being intentional with our time takes courage. It is much harder to choose this path.

Less praise and less things checked off a list.

You may even appear less productive.

But you have nothing to prove.

Self respect and personal accountability are very important…Impressing others isn’t.

If you find yourself saying “they will think…” just pause.

Remind yourself you are not living to impress “them.”

You have nothing to prove.



  1. Love this, Brittany! That irrational fear of being perceived as lazy haunts me as well.. I don’t know what it is, but it’s difficult to let go of that hustle mentality and the obsession with productivity that’s been drilled into us.

    Dee ~ Vanilla Papers

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    • Rie,
      Thank you for your comment. It is definitely something I have to remind myself daily. I keep thinking it will become automatic, but I still need the reminders!!


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