Tough When We Need to Be

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This morning if you would have asked if we had enough food for the day, I would have said, ” Probably not.”

I would have made a list of items we “needed” and taken the kids to the store.

But my daughter woke up and was still sick. The idea of going anywhere changed.

What happened?

We got creative and magically had all the food we needed and more.

Breakfast: Apple oatmeal, dry toast, eggs, bananas, and enough ingredients to make blueberry muffins.

Snacks: two apples plus cinnamon= homemade applesauce, macadamia nuts, popcorn

Lunch: Frozen rice and chicken (son), turkey sandwich (daughter), and sardine wrap (me)

Dinner: food processed all remaining veggies into “rice” and added eggs and soy sauce to make fried rice

Reading this list sounds like abundance.

We can be so tough when we need to be.

The problem is we typically don’t have to be tough or creative. Often we go to the store even with a refrigerator and pantry full of options.

Today I quickly went from “I need” to “I have.”

I am continually amazed at how little we need, and how a grateful mindset changes everything.

We will have a zero dollar day due to circumstances. I wonder how many more zero dollar days could happen if I got tougher?

Not only would this help our budget, but it leads to less waste and more gratitude.

So today I am thankful for the circumstances that made me tough, creative, and grateful.



  1. Coming from a generation that “needed” 2 refrigerators, 2 chest freezers and a full pantry of dried and canned goods – less is more feels so good!! And no one yet has gone away hungry from my house! My parents went hungry as children, so we learned this assurance way of living.

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