Our Head and Our Heart

Sometimes you listen to a familiar song but hear it in a new way.

I have been doing some research and reading for our homeschool adventure.

Many of the books look at the way children learn and experience their world, and how to help them navigate it all.

As I was reading, one of my favorite Jack Johnson songs, “Hope,” came on. My favorite lyric from this song goes like this:

You don’t always have to hold your head higher than your heart.

To me this means we do not have to overthink things.

It means the “right” answer does not always come from our logical brain.

It means our emotions and emotional intelligence are important.

In a world that exalts genius and being smart, I wonder if the heart and all it has to offer is undervalued.




I love that my son can read chapter books. But I am most proud when he shares at the park, encourages a teammate, or works tirelessly at a passion.

I definitely want my daughter to learn to read in the next year. But I smile wider when she expresses joy to decorate and fill our new “giving jar.”

Our heads do not have to be higher than our hearts.



  1. Hi Brittany! Your blog today was right in line with the message that we just heard last Sunday in Church. I just had to share the biblical truth of what you just expressed so well.

    What does wisdom look like?
    Point- Don’t be confused about wisdom-it is not about smart people who have no heart.
    Proverbs 3:1 my son, do not forget my law, But let your heart keep my commands.
    Point- wisdom is head and heart
    Wisdom is more than someone who knows a lot but lacks mercy,(heart).

    You are so right Brittany. In our society we definitely overthink things and under value the the beauty of the heart. God made them both to work in tandem with each other for that perfect balance so that our actions, words, and deeds are a reflection of His ways and how he encourages us to live our lives.
    Love your thoughts, love you!


    • Aunt Sheila,
      Thank you for such a beautiful comment, and thank you for sharing those points!

      I especially love the point of “wisdom is head and heart.”

      Thank you for sharing! Love, Brittany


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