Shopping Ban 22 Week Review: More Yes

It is more fun to say, “Yes.”

This two week period felt very fun, as we were able to say “yes” more to activities and treats.

The Beach

Our first trip to the ocean with our kids was amazing. We went to San Diego, California.

Looking out with them over the expansive water was a feeling I will never forget. We all gravitated to the beach and water….it felt so natural.

While on vacation we said yes to many things. Kevin and I planned for this, but our kids were SHOCKED as we continued to surprise them with our “Yes.”

“Can we get ice cream sandwiches?” Yes.

“Can we get these glass animal souvenirs?” Yes.

“Can we get pancakes, pastries, and go back to the ocean?” Yes, Yes, Yes.

Over priced gas station snacks on the 6 hour drive home?? Yes.

You get the idea.

All four of us understood this was temporary, but that did not squash the joy.

We enjoyed our 3 days of ocean, sandcastles, sea lions, and cool breezes.

As we returned to the desert we shed our hooded sweatshirts and reflected on our now five year old daughter.

We realized time keeps moving no matter what.

But each special “Yes” made time stand still for a moment. I am grateful for that trip full of still moments.

We made other purchase these two weeks like pillows. But as I tried to summarize the receipts I was drawn to the “Yes” moments.

The New Release

My son had July 9th on the calendar for 3 months.

The new Magic Tree House book, To the Future Ben Franklin, was releasing on this date.

Typically Kevin and I don’t buy books. We use the library or at least try to get used books.

I debated for a month or so. As the date drew closer, and his enthusiasm remained strong, I could not resist.

This was the first book series my son loved.

Another “Yes.”

So I surprised him on July 9th and told him I had ordered it.

The book arrived that afternoon. He ripped it open and disappeared into his room until all 86 pages were read.

A great $13 decision.

Yes cannot always be the answer.

But the point of my shopping ban is to say “no” to frivolous spending, so I can say “yes” to meaningful spending.

The beach and the book were meaningful. I am grateful we made space for these.



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