When the Answer is Rest

Saturday mornings have been one of my running mornings for several months.

Last weekend I did a trail run at Papago park in Phoenix and it was magical! The sound of the rocks and the empty trail at 5:45 am were exactly what I needed to start my weekend the right way.

This morning I was excited to experience the same relief. But as I woke up my neck had a spasm. My head could slightly turn, but it was clear to me my trail run would not happen.

Initially I did not want to accept this result. Resting felt lazy and unproductive. It felt like a missed opportunity.

I became anxious and irritable trying to think of other ways to mimic the relaxation of the trail.

But I finally realized my priorities had to shift to visiting the chiropractor and resting.

Resting is actually quite hard. As a parent, I sense this cultural mantra of, “Do more! Push harder! Have it all!”

Today, I couldn’t do more or push harder and I did not want it all.

The answer was rest.

I wanted a neck that could turn and several cups of coffee.

I ended up with both, thankfully.

It is good to challenge ourselves, push boundaries, and work hard.

But sometimes the answer is rest.


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