Four Week Review and Zero Dollar Days

Today marks our 4th week of our shopping ban. I went through all the receipts with my coffee and alternative music. We stayed in our budget again and stayed within our rules (yay!). We also had lots of fun! Some highlights for us:

  • A delicious Chick-fil-a lunch before our Phoenix snowball fight!
  • A haircut for me
  • Donut before gymnastics with my daughter and husband
  • Coffee out as a family and with my daughter
  • Lots of healthy and delicious food (dark chocolate 😊)
  • Finally tried Topo Chico mineral water
  • Bought snacks for soccer team twice (we ate the first round…oops)

After reflecting, I decided I would like to focus on the “Zero Dollar Day” these next two weeks. While K and I have had several Zero days individually, there is something powerful about both of us spending zero dollars on the same day. It reminds us that we are in control of our family finances and we tell our money where to go. The Zero day forces us to plan and ensure we have food and toiletries for a few days.

So today we celebrate continued success on the shopping ban and look ahead to more Zero days!



  1. I just caught up on reading all your blogs! Loved all of them! You have inspired me, to spend less, exercise more, and limit my media! Let’s see what April brings😃
    I can’t wait to read your next one

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