Small Victories

(Written Sunday February 10th, 2019)

A lovely picture of a candle…because we obviously don’t have a real one in our home. Read on to find out why.
Photo by Paolo Nicolello on Unsplash

This has been our first weekend with the shopping ban and it has been successful. All of us have been sick (not so fun), except my husband, so we were too busy blowing noses and sucking cough drops to spend money. But K had a nice victory at Walmart. While on a Kleenex run and researching bikes, he came upon the candle aisle. We love to signify season changes or other special events with candles. New scent, new mood, new season. But knowing our joint goal, K breezed past the 94 cent candles and checked out with only our much needed 3 pack of Kleenex. I was really proud of him. Yes, 94 cents seems irrelevant in the grand scheme of life and spending. But if you believe that small numbers matter and add up to large numbers over time–you know this is a victory. Also, 94 cents is after tax savings, so it is actually more like $1.30-$1.50 saved pre tax. 

I share this story because it is important to share and celebrate all victories along a journey. It is easy to think only big numbers and big victories matter, but they all add up to success. You cannot save hundreds of dollars without first saving 94 cents. You cannot run 3 miles without first running 1. There is always a process, and you have to enjoy the process to make things sustainable.

Some questions K and I have starting asking ourselves before purchases:

  • Does K go to work ever day to pay for “fill in the blank?” (Spoiler: the answer is usually “no.”)
  • If someone walked up and handed me (insert amount about to spend), would I use it on these items or something else? Example: If you were out walking and someone handed you $5, would you use it on the 5 random items at the Target $1 spot or towards a coffee with a friend?