September Challenge: No Coffee For 30 Days

This is the challenge I have avoided for years.

I love coffee so much. I love the taste, the feel of the warm cup, the little lift I get from the caffeine.

Everything about coffee makes me happy.

But I have been drinking it for 16 years and only took a break when I was pregnant with my son.

I feel like I need a reset and a break from coffee.

So September is my month to give it up for 30 days.

My first cup of coffee was in December of 2005 at a diner near the Amtrak station in Osceola, Iowa.

That first cup I shared with Kevin. ❤️

I had taken the train from Chicago to visit him, and when he ordered a coffee I was stunned.

Who is this person?

He let me try a sip, after I stared at him in shock. It was delicious and I promptly ordered my own cup.

Our shared love of coffee began!

Since then, Kevin and I have probably tried over 100 coffee shops.

We have taken the bus, trolley, bikes, and walked to get coffee. When we travel we usually have a detour or two to find a good cup.

I also shared many cups at Dennys with my dad. Many cups with Kevin’s dad and grandma.

My mom and I have shared countless cups and even worked at Starbucks together.

And my friends always knew there was a pot brewing at my house if they stopped by.

Despite all these wonderful associations with coffee, I am still giving it up for 30 days.


I want to know my natural energy

Coffee creates a false sense of energy.

With my thyroid condition, I think it will be valuable to discover my real natural energy. I don’t want to mask my low moments with caffeine.

I want to appreciate it again

Anytime you have something everyday you lose appreciation for it.

I believe a month without coffee will make me appreciate it more when I have it again.

I want to prove I can do it

This is the challenge I have avoided and dreaded…so now I want to prove to myself that I can do it.

I want to feel my best

The notecard challenge has revealed that even when I pull all other health levers, I am still not 100%.

So I feel an obligation to at least try cutting coffee. If I can commit to all these other changes, I should be able to give up coffee.

It’s not forever (I hope)

This is just a 30 day reset to make my coffee drinking more intentional and controlled.

I don’t plan to give it up forever, but if the benefits are astounding I just might.

I am documenting how I am feeling in videos each day. This keeps me accountable and gives me a task to do during my usual coffee time.

If that interests you, here is the link:

Day 1 almost done!!



  1. I really think I need to do a coffee fast also. It has become too important in my life. I find myself thinking of excuses for why I deserve a iced coffee treat. Spending too much and consuming too many calories.

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  2. Good luck on your 30 days! I gave up coffee nearly 10 years ago when I had a stomach ulcer. It hurt too much to drink it. I miss the smell of the coffee and the ritual of drinking it, but not much else. I turned to tea instead. Mostly herbal teas but a daily cup of strong black tea starts my morning. Not so much for the caffeine, but for the ritual morning practice.


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