Just Enough

The summer camp my kids attend happens to be tucked into one of the fanciest areas of our city.

Each morning we pass huge, beautiful, sprawling houses.

One particular morning, the kids and I began discussing the houses.

“Why can’t we have a house like that?” My daughter asked.

I replied, “We don’t need that much space, and those houses are REALLY expensive.”

My daughter pondered this a moment and then declared that she wanted to be rich someday. I laughed and smiled.

My son, who had been unusually quiet, piped up.

“I don’t want to be rich. I want to have exactly the amount you and Dad have. A place to live, food, fun and a little extra. You know….just enough.”

There was so much I wanted to say in that moment, but my eyes were full of tears behind my sunglasses.

I smiled at him in the rear view mirror and said, “Thank you.”

Sometimes when you go against the norms you worry your kids might feel deprived.

I was happy to hear that our tiny space, salvage furniture, one car, and all the rest of it is exactly what he wants and needs.

Just enough.



  1. I love this. Thank you for sharing about your life and reality. At the end of ones life, What matters is what matters. Love and connection to those we love and cherish.

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  2. Love the concept of just enough. As a society we tend to accumulate more than enough. This is devastating for our planet, wallet and in some ways – our mental health. Thank you for modeling just enough mindset to your family and sharing it via this blog.

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  3. Enjoyed this blog very much! It reminded me of the time when my son brought his new girlfriend to our typical middle class house for the first time. At some point, the girlfriend asked my son what we did for a living, to which my son said “Oh, my parents live WELL within their means!”. Backhanded compliment or not, I’ll take it.

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