Opt Out

I found this draft of a post I wrote last year during quarantine (5/4/20). While some of it may no longer be relevant, I believe the general message is….so I chose to go ahead and post it. Enjoy!

Right now, some of you are wondering “how can I do it all?”

You are teacher, parent, worker, spouse, chef, etc.

The answer is you cannot. You cannot do it all.

True, some days you will succeed at all of it. It will feel so great and effortless and you will think, “Ha! I cracked the code! Take that, quarantine!”

But the following day you might be lying on your bed at 10am wondering when it will all end.

There might be tears of frustration and exhaustion. And if anyone asks for one more snack you WILL scream at them.

How do I know this? Because that was my quarantine pattern the last couple weeks. Super productive days followed by complete meltdowns.

I identified the problem. Too much opting in.

I forgot I had choice and the power to say no.

When my first grade son’s P.E. teacher kept posting multiple “assignments” that were not feasible with no yard and 100+ degree temps, I put my foot down.

No. Opt out. Unsubscribe.

We will not be doing those assignments. We are opting out of things that are too much, because it is already too much.

We will do what we can without breaking ourselves and each other down.

Remember that these are unique times. Opt in to things that build you up. For me, running, writing, coffee, cooking, and board games.

Opt out of things that tear you down. For me that is busywork and unnecessary deadlines.

We have choice. I do not want the meltdowns anymore. I want the balance.



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