The Season of Together

Solitude is something every mother yearns for at one time or another.

At times it feels like a mirage off in the distance. Unreachable.

But my husband surprised me recently with a day of solitude. A hotel to myself for the first time.

As I described this gift to his 87 year old grandmother, she responded with a hint of confusion.

“Alone?!?” She asked softly with a furrowed brow. I could tell her mind was thinking of all her quiet moments alone.

To her, this “gift” sounded like a punishment. We both realized in that moment that there are seasons for everything.

She is in a season of solitude, longing for togetherness.

I am in a season of togetherness, longing for solitude.

We both smiled and laughed. We understood why the other person saw it differently.

Age brings beautiful wisdom. Receiving that wisdom feels like a precious gift.

I will not squander the wisdom our parents and grandparents give us.

One day I will be in their shoes, missing the togetherness. Recognizing this helps me appreciate where I am.

But, I still love my solitude.



  1. This brought tears to my eyes, it’s a very sweet realization of how our needs change throughout our life. I hope you enjoyed your day alone and so glad to see you have time to write again – I truly enjoy all of your posts!

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