All we needed was a couch

Photo by Inside Weather on Unsplash

About a year ago we bought a cheap futon from Ikea.

Before purchasing the futon we hadn’t had a couch in about 18 months. When friends came over their options were the floor or our kitchen chairs. Needless to say, we were very excited to get the futon!

It arrived and the kids climbed all over it with joy. Kevin and I sat next to each other and felt satisfied with our purchase.

After a few months we realized it lacked comfort, armrests, and that “cozy” feeling of a couch. But being the “frugal” types, we knew we would not replace it for a long time. We had already spent money on the futon and it was still functional, so we accepted its flaws and moved on.

Fast forward to last weekend.

We were all starting to go crazy in quarantine. Everyone was getting chippy with each other and needing space.

Kevin offered to take the kids on a bike ride to give me some space. Ten minutes later he reappeared at our door and there was a couch outside.

“A guy was moving out and he said the couch is in great shape, he just doesn’t need it anymore.”

My heart felt a bit lighter.

Salvaging items from the garbage brings me a special joy. My anger at everyone subsided.

As Kevin and the kids returned from their bike ride, we began the work of moving it inside. It took some maneuvering but we got it inside and I began cleaning and vacuuming it.

The couch was like a magnet. We all ran to it like that scene in the Simpsons opening song.

We gathered on the couch and everyone seemed to relax a few notches. It was like we suddenly had a safe and cozy spot. It felt like we could retreat there to feel ALL the feelings of quarantine. Frustration, exhaustion, togetherness, love.

We were all reaching our breaking point, but the couch suddenly had us closer than ever and happy.

Thankful for the free couch. Thankful for a cozy spot. Thankful for ALL the feelings.



  1. Salvaging stuff is the best! And what perfect timing for the couch to come to you. I hope you all enjoy it very much. We spent most of last year working on our house, salvaging bits and pieces here and there and generally turning it into the home we wanted and I am so so grateful for the all the effort we put in now.

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  2. Love it!!! It feels so great when you repurpose something someone was getting rid of! That’s pretty much my whole house! Love being able to all snuggle next to each other on something big enough for your whole family too. Picture?


  3. I really enjoy your posts! All my kids are teens or older now. Reading about your sweet family takes me back to our early, fun years 🙂
    Many blessings to you and your family!!


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