(Written Thursday February 7th, 2019)

The hardest part of any new venture is starting. The first step on a running journey, the first time at the gym, the first trip to the store to buy new healthy food, the first box of donations when simplifying–it all requires starting somewhere. So here I go, starting a blog. It doesn’t matter exactly what happens next, because I am starting. Something I have always dreamed about–writing.

The title of my blog is Less Less More. While my husband and I were discussing all our different ideas, I was trying to find a common thread that permeated all our ideas. All of our passions and topics could fall under the umbrella of simplicity, and the joys and abundance that come from it. So, the name Less Less More was born from our continual discovery that as we remove we find more.

My main goal is to document our processes and our ever changing journey to have less and more at the same time.

Welcome and thanks for reading!


  1. I love your blog and reading it has inspired me to begin a shopping ban! I love the idea of saving receipts for 2 weeks and then discussing them! Not sure I can do it, but ready to try!

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  2. I saved the page in my pc, but never had time to see. I started today. I read many articles. And now I ´m here in the firs one.LOL. I saved it two years ago!!!!! I like your posts.

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